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Video exhibition “Hotel Europa” in Enschede, Holland

The video “COME”,  by Roy Efrat and me participates in the video exhibition “Hotel Europa” in Enschede, Holland.

The exhibition is open from the 28-08-16 until the 9-10-16

The exhibition ‘Hotel Europa’ showcases young creators alongside established video artists. Fifty years ago, the first portable video system was introduced on the market and today anyone can make a film with a smartphone. Now that so many creations are categorized as mixed media, it seems that video art is returning to its roots.

Never before Concordia presented an exhibition with only video art. “We believe it is important to show the diversity of visual art. Video artists bring us in a world full of moving images and intense media and we want to show the beauty of this phenomenon. The aim is to draw attention back to the medium and not only its use to serve a subject, “says Petra Boonstra, exhibition programmer at Concordia.

The exhibition presents, inter alia, works from The NITS, Dutch band around singer and artist Henk Hofstede, and Australian artist Pilar Mata Dupont, next to a selection of young video artists from all over the world. These young artists have been chosen through an open call. It is for Concordia a ludic way to offer a podium to young and fresh creators.


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