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32x26 SERIES

Enamel on paper 32x26 cm

Our friend Tari Kipnis used to work at Be’eri Printers. One bright day in 1999, he showed up at my studio with a big box full of paper scraps. 

My painting was in a chaotic phase at that time, and I was constantly floundering among a wealth of materials, colors, and paper sizes. The uniform size of the papers that Tari brought me, along with my decision to work in black and white enamel only, helped me to create this series. 

In subsequent years, the 32x26 series became the core of my artwork. In 2001, artist Nurit David curated an exhibition of mine that consisted of about 60 32x26's, at the Tel Aviv Artist Studios Gallery.

Although I have since expanded to working with other materials, colors, and paper sizes, I continue to explore this series. 

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